About GeriMedica

Who we are

We believe in the unique qualities of our employees and are convinced that they contribute to a demonstrable improvement in health care.


We believe that caring for vulnerable people is an essential aspect of our society. It is a measure of our civilisation that we as human beings feel the importance for this care. Those who provide this care deserve the best possible support when performing their work.


GeriMedica brings advanced technology to healthcare, specifically dedicated to professionals who work in the care for vulnerable people. We provide the best possible software for these professionals, so that they can access complete and relevant information. We support these teams by optimising their work processes and in executing their profession. This improves the quality of care they provide and provides them with more time to spend with their clients.


With Ysis we provide the best multidisciplinary electronic medical record for Elderly care and care for the Mentally Disabled. We are driven by the conviction that good care for vulnerable people and the chronically ill is essential to our society.

Our Principles

  • Speak in “I” language
  • Be your own leader
  • Hard on the content, soft on the relationship
  • If it does not come up, it will not be resolved
  • Separate opinions and questions
  • Be curious about the other person

What we stand for

our mission

Our clients experience proactive support, which includes ensuring that any questions behind their questions is answered and that their expectations are exceeded 

Employees are professionals who together create an open, appreciative and direct culture in which we build a top technological product and deliver the best services. Everyone has a sense of pride and ownership about their part of the whole.

Our company is financially sound, making it capable of investing in new opportunities and ensuring that its impact continues to grow 

We organise ourselves as ‘light as possible’ and as ‘heavy as necessary’

In the choices we make, we contribute to a better world. We do business and consume in a sustainable way, we share our prosperity and serve social interests

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Macbook or other high-end laptop
  • Free lunch
  • Drinks, nuts and licorice
  • Flexibility in working hours
  • Travel allowance
  • Work with the best people around
  • Great Amsterdam location
  • Spend 10% time on your own ideas
  • Budget for training and personal development
  • Contribution to a pension scheme of your choice

Our office

Rijnlandlaan 3 1062 MX Amsterdam


Rijnlandlaan 3
1062 MX Amsterdam