Backend Developer (Java)

Job description

How would you feel if you were building software that makes the world a better place?   


Caring for vulnerable people is an essential aspect of our society. It is a measure of our civilization that we as human beings feel the importance of this care. Those who provide this care deserve the best possible support when performing their work. To those, we bring advanced technology. 

Join our mission as a backend developer and help us to provide the best possible software for these professionals, so that they can access complete and relevant information, so they can optimize their work processes, and executing their profession better.  

Join the mission of 43 people and become part of our development team, 20 engineers in strong collaboration with our 4 testers. You will have the best of both worlds: a specialized development team to stimulate your further technical growth, combined with daily practical input from colleagues who are working across the country to improve healthcare. BONUS: work on new product development!

As you might imagine, working on healthcare software Ysis requires a lot of integrations with external platforms of which you will take care of.  
It requires functionality, reliability, and security. It requires well designed, testable, efficient code. Within Java EE, you will work mostly with the Spring framework. Our platform uses event-driven architecture, which we implement with the Axon framework. Developing in Axon is quite challenging, as it forces you to think in an additional dimension: time. Implementing new routines will not only alter the most recent state of a record but all historical states as well while preserving the history and integrity of all previous events altering that record. To read more about Axon, please visit But don't worry, you can learn it ALL...we'll provide direction for what you need to do! Because at Gerimedica, the growth is inevitable! 

Before you make your mind up, what do you know about us, our business, and the way we do things differently?

GeriMedica was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from the VU medical center and backed by three large care centers. We believe that good care for vulnerable people and the chronically ill is essential to our society. Our Electronic Medical Record (EMR), called Ysis, is tailor-made for medical professionals in long-term-care. 80+ Healthcare organizations in the Netherlands currently use Ysis, and it integrates with more than 35 external applications.

We believe: 

  • in proactive support for our clients
  • in an open, appreciative, and direct culture
  • in investing in new opportunities and ensuring that its impact continues to grow 
  • in the choices we make, we contribute to a better world. We do business and consume in a sustainable way, we share our prosperity and serve social interests


Now that we told you about Gerimedica, can you introduce yourself? Hopefully, this starts with...

I have seasoned software development experience and as an experienced backend developer, I enjoy working with Java/JEE and Spring Boot and/or GWT. I’m more than aware of the common best practices of microservices, API, AWS. And I cannot wait to learn the next new technology in my stack.

I'm familiar with SCRUM. I work hard and make it happen. I am creative, excited, and eager to be challenged and to challenge conventional ideas. I think lean, pragmatic, and outside corporate processes. In addition, thanks to good communication skills I can clearly bring across ideas and information. Besides all of that: I’m a nice person to hang out with.

The Good news that if you have read this far, we bet you are a bit like us:

  • You are excited about our vision: to create a sustainable impact on healthcare in the Netherlands
  • You are a tech-savvy backend developer who loves to get everything done with the best equipment of your own choice.
  • You strive for continuous personal and professional development every day
  • You like to work in an informal, non-hierarchical organization- being a fun colleague, that takes his/her work seriously too. 
  • you have a ‘pro-active’ attitude, and enjoy flexibility in when and where you work. 
  • last but not least, you enjoy free & healthy daily lunch, you like to celebrate when things go well, or have occasional drinks and snacks with us - your colleagues, your friends.

What else is in it for you? Next to what you read above, what do you think about the indefinite periodpension plan, a commuting allowance, or the education budget?  Yes, it waits here for you! 

You’ve just imagined it all?

 If we can tell you more about this opportunity, then will you give us a chance?

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